Wine-tasting: It`s junk science

Experiments have shown that people can’t tell plonk from grand cru. Now one US winemaker claims that even experts can’t judge wine accurately. What’s the science behind the taste?


Should we listen to wine critics?

Research claiming that experts can’t judge wine accurately will have some people sneering at the critics – yet again. One wine expert defends her trade.

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Insects may be the most sustainable food source

Crunchy, full of protein and to be found under a rock near you. Insects have long been overlooked as food in all but a handful of places around the world – but now they are crawling closer and closer to our plates.


When is wine o`clock too early for parents?

Viewed from one angle, parenthood can feel like a long series of mis-steps, self-reproach and faltering recovery; my own parenting motto is “fail again, fail better”,


The Katemba Cocktail

In Argentina it’s known as “Jesus juice”, in South Africa it’s called katemba, in Croatia bambus and in Chile it’s known as jote (black vulture).


The man who eats live animals

Is Louis Cole’s brand of stunt eating idiotic, pointless and embarrassingly laddish or a useful reminder that all of our food choices are based on culture and prejudice?

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Edible packaging

Packaging you can eat is said to be the next big thing. Question is, after storage and handling, would you want to?


Wine trends for 2012

Expect to hear more from Swartland and natural wine producers – as well as rising prices.


First came the plastic cork, now get ready for the paper wine bottle

The UK will soon see the launch of the world’s first paper wine bottle.


Why winemakers with big personalities make equally big wines

In a world of big brands, it’s easy to forget that wine is about individuals.

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