Soldiers Bond Over Choice Chinese Beverage Moutai

Indian officers served Mao?s favourite liquor at official banquets, ceremonial events


Travel: Falling For The Scottish Highlands Hook, Line, And Sinker

Get drunk on whiskey, go salmon fishing, sample a Hummingbird Cake and let the rolling hills of Aberdeenshire charm you


Turmeric tea is one super drink that will make you lose weight fast!

Turmeric has been an essential part of ayurveda for centuries, experts say including it in your health diet will help you lose weight and stay fit. Over the past few years, turmeric’s popularity has soared in the west too, with people looking for ways to incorporate it in their lattes and teas.


Gourmet Secrets: Here’s To The New Age Gin And Tonic

That old bar standby of gin and tonic has now given way to boutique gins, artisanal tonics, and cocktails like you?ve never dreamed of


Cricketer Ajit Agarkar Travels To Napa, Discovers A Family-friendly Wine Country

Cricketer Ajit Agarkar?s family travels to Napa Valley and discovers that America?s West Coast is fun!


These milk and cookie shots will give you a sweet high like no other

Who doesn’t like to re-live their childhood foodie adventures?


Kerala high court says boozing not a fundamental right

Upholding the liquor policy adopted by the previous government, the Kerala High Court has ruled that consumption of alcohol is not a fundamental right.


Meet The Winners Of The Indian Wine Consumer Choice Awards 2016

This year, the IWCCA, which is the only Indian accreditation that focusses on Indian vintage wines and new launches in the market, received the maximum number of participants yet ....


Neither stirred, nor shaken: Cocktails from the future are here

Now, you can smoke and bite into your cocktails. Welcome to the future


The Whole Vineyard: What Wines To Taste, And How To Look Like A Pro While Doing It

Meenakshi Iyer Mumbai As the sun climbs over the vineyards, the greens embrace a golden tinge, making you think of ageing wine. And there’s no...

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