The Most-searched Thanksgiving Side Dish In Every State

Google broke down which states love mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cornbread dressing and more.


Kamala Harris Shares Her Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe, And It’s A Good One

The vice president-elect clearly knows her brines.

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Hate Making Pie Crust? Make These Fruit Crisp Recipes Instead

If making pie crust is your worst nightmare, just make the filling ? whether it's apple, pear or pumpkin ? and cap it off with a crisp or crumble topping.


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The Worst Things You Can Do While Dining Out During Covid-19, According To Servers

Waitstaff at restaurants dish on bad customer behavior regarding tips, masks and more during the coronavirus pandemic.


12 Hand Pies That Are Perfect For This Crazy 2020 Thanksgiving

Hand-held pies in apple, pumpkin and more flavors are perfect for tiny gatherings and socially distanced celebrations.

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7 Rules For A Stress-free Virtual Thanksgiving

Zoom gatherings require a whole new kind of etiquette. Whether you?re hosting or attending, here are expert tips to relieve everyone's anxiety.


19 Tweets That Prove No One Really Likes Thanksgiving Turkey

If the turkey is your least favorite part of the meal, you're not alone.

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