Why You Should Never, Ever Pour Hot Oil Down The Drain Of Your Sink

Plumbers explain why it?s important for your pipes -- and your wallet -- to put this particular kitchen habit to rest.


How To Eat Like The Planet Is Burning

This is why it?s important to minimize the amount of meat you?re eating if you care at all about slowing climate change.

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This Is What It’s Like To Cook For The President

These folks have seen it all, making meals for Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.


Odd Couple Foods, And Why We Love Them So Much

They say opposites attract, but is that really true for Doritos and chocolate pudding? A closer look at some of the strangest combos folks love to eat.

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21 Clever Uses For Baking Soda Around The House

Baking soda has many practical household applications for cleaning, deodorizing, grooming and more.


17 Tweets About Marty, The Shady Stop & Shop Robot

"I just got chased by a robot in Stop & Shop, the future is now."


How To Make Your Own Box Of Chocolates This Valentine’s Day

Cook up a batch of truffles, caramels and nougat.


6 Unsung Black Culinary Heroes Of The Past

Duchess ?Charity? Quamino, Cleora Butler, Cuffy Cockroach and more innovators who paved the way for Black cooks in America.

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Sweethearts Candies Are Back This Year, But They’re Missing One Major Detail

The iconic conversational candy went out of production last year. It's back, but without everyone's favorite detail.


Easy Ways To Eat Enough Protein On A Plant-based Diet

Switching to a veggie-friendly lifestyle can still meet your protein needs. Here's what to eat and stay healthy.

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