20 Things That Might Just Help You Relax A Little

Bath salts, gratitude journals and more products that'll help you chill out and take some time for yourself.


Still Don’t Know The Difference Between Iced Coffee And Cold Brew? Read This

Spoiler: Cold brew is a type of iced coffee, but not all iced coffee is cold brew.


‘proffee’ Is The Latest Coffee Trend, But Is It Safe?

It's a combination of cold-brew coffee and a protein shake, but is it too good to be true?


How Much Red Meat Is Too Much Red Meat?

When it comes to heart and overall health, here's how experts say we should limit red meat in our diet.


Chefs’ Most Memorable V-day Meals, From The Romantic To The Absurd

From Susan Sarandon eating a clitoris to a proposal in a bear suit, Valentine?s Day brings out the romantic ? and the truly insane ? in many diners.


Vibe-killing Foods You Should Avoid On Valentine’s Day

We?ve all heard the same old list of aphrodisiacs. But if your stomach isn?t in the mood, you won?t be either.

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8 Alternative Ways To Cook With A Delicious Slab Of Feta

Everyone's trying the TikTok baked feta pasta ? but what else can you do?


In Defense Of Milk Chocolate, And How It Got Its Bad Reputation

For years, we?ve been told that dark chocolate is the superior form. It's time to stand up for good milk chocolate.

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The Anatomy Of A Perfect Plate Of Nachos

The do's and don'ts of layering, cheese selection, tortilla chip shape and more.


Taste Test: The Best And (very) Worst Store-bought Nacho Cheese Dips

We tried Tostitos, Chi-Chi's, 365 Organic, Pace, Herdez and more.

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