8 Easy Ways To Help The Environment, Starting In Your Kitchen

Want to be more eco-friendly? Try these small but manageable tips at home.


8 Veggie Sandwich Recipes That Aren’t Grilled Cheese

Quick ideas that pack a nutritious punch, made with fillings from avocado chickpea to eggplant.

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Brewery Owner Behind Anti-trump Beer: This Is Why Latina Women Need To Vote

The Peruvian-born business owner, whose brewery created a beer in response to Donald Trump's past racist remarks, speaks out on the election.


What’s The Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Chef’s Knives?

Experts share tips for finding the best inexpensive kitchen knife and keeping it sharp.

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19 Satisfying Fall Salads That Won’t Leave You Hungry

Sick of summer salads? Go for apples, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, pears, pomegranates and more this autumn.


Is Our Coconut Obsession Destroying The Environment?

Your favorite coconut oil, water and other products are putting a strain on land and farmers. Here's how.


Brain Foods That’ll Boost Concentration And Focus In Kids And Adults

What we eat and drink has a significant impact on problem-solving, attention span and memory.


15 Healthy Air Fryer Recipes That’ll Make You A Believer

Recipes for French fries, fried chicken and less expected dishes like salmon, cauliflower and meatloaf.


Here’s How The 2020 Election Will Affect Our Food Supply

COVID-19 changed the national food supply chain, and Rep. Chellie Pingree is hopeful that lawmakers are ready to help local farms, not just Big Agriculture.


Hacks For Ordering Healthy Takeout And Delivery, By Cuisine

Chinese, Mexican, Italian and more ? restaurant food can be made more nutritious with these tricks.

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