The Aura Glass Rotates To Prevent Spills And Aerate Your Hooch

This is the Aura Glass. It's a stemless wine glass that rotates on a stainless steel ball which prevents spills AND aerates your beverage.


This Space Gin Is Made With Botanicals Sent To Space!!

Firebox is selling Moonshot Gin, booze made with botanicals sent to the edge of space. That's right -- SPACE GIN.


This Summer Just Got Sweeter Because Of Booze Popsicles

Pops is a company that makes and sells booze popsicles. Choose from champagne, rosé, prosecco, and a variety of cocktails.


The Mitten Flask Keeps You Warm And Boozy

Drinking is an integral part of getting through the winter.


New Game Of Thrones Beer, Just In Time For The Final Season

HBO and Brewery Ommegang have teamed up again to bring us a NEW Game of Thrones beer, a Golden Ale dubbed Bend the Knee.


Make Your Own Edible Margarita Bubbles

Buzzfeed posted this recipe on how to make EDIBLE MARGARITA BUBBLES.


The Tequila Cloud Rains — You Guessed It! — Tequila

Meet the Tequila Cloud! It's a cloud that rains tequila. The Mexican Tourism Board installed it in Berlin, Germany to inspire people to take a vacation.


Not Sure If Prosecco Flavored Nail Polish Is Cool Or Weird…

Prosecco flavored nail polish exists thanks to Groupon. Their Prosecco Polish tastes and smells just like prosecco because it is made with real prosecco.


Edible, Boozy Bubbles Is Now A Thing That Exists IRL

BubbleLick is a bubble formula that you mix with alcohol to create BOOZY BUBBLES.


Black Ice Cream Is The Most Metal Ice Cream There Is

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream of NYC is selling black ice cream! The flavor is called "Coconut Ash" and it gets its color from activated charcoal.

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