The biggest muscles in showbiz have a serious penchant for tequila. Nobody quite understands how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson manages it. While 2017 saw The Rock’s 40,000 lbs mobile gym get a mention from Men’s Health, headlines in recent years have been more focused on this wrestler-turned-actor’s business ventures.


On Wednesday, June 1, France is answering the prayers of wine lovers everywhere with a brand new wine-themed park.


Country singer Blake Shelton is taking his drinking to a new level by announcing his own vodka brand. People shared the news that Blake actually announced his new boozy brand called Smithworks.


An Italian restaurant – which is to say, a restaurant in Italy – has banned children under five years of age, with the owner saying that he, his staff, and his customers are done dealing with “little uncontrollable terrors,” The Telegraph is reporting.


Kourtney Kardashian appeared to have a bit too much fun on Sunday night.


A Coke infographic, which was published by The Renegade Pharmacist, outlines several dangers associated with drinking soda. Although it is unclear whether the data is valid, the infographic is gaining a lot of attention.


Wine is good. Ice cream is good. Now there’s something new — a combination of wine and ice cream that MTV calls “winescream” in their article about the wine ice cream that can get folks buzzed.


As 2014 continues, legal marijuana is becoming more of a reality for many states. As of now, twenty states and Washington D.C. have legalized the plant that former president Bill Clinton was rumored to favor in the White House.


A $3,750 bottle of wine gave a man quite a shock when the bill arrived after a business dinner.


UK vineyards are thriving in what experts are calling a “perfect year.” Farmers in England are usually a surly lot, dealing with cold winters, trespassers, and the price of milk being so high.

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