New environmental friendly bottles made from paper

The 360 paper water bottle from Brand Image is an attempt to address 60 million plastic bottles thrown away daily in the United States (of which 86% become garbage).


Collagen Beer Foam Can Give You a Beauty of a Buzz

Weight-conscious women and men who once worried beer would go straight to the waists can now rejoice,


Y Water – Brain and body water for kids

The newest water on the block these days is a “developmental” water. It’s for kids and it’s called Y Water, as in why not?


Pot Infused Pop: Doc Weed Or Canna Cola?

Canna Cola, Doc Weed, Grape Ape…  Not much mystery about what’s in these sodas

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Beer Head Dispenser

Want a little head with your beer? The “Beer Hour” beer dispenser from Takara Tomy helps wannabe bartenders to pour a perfect, foamy-headed glass of beer every time from any beer can.

The device, which comes in your choice of yellow or black & yellow plastic, clamps onto most any make of beer can in from 350ml to 500ml in size. Press down on the “bubble lever” and watch your mug fill up with beer and foam in the optimal 7:3 ratio.


The Flexible Toaster

From designers Burcu Bag, Amalia Monica & Vinay Raj Somashekar comes the Halo flexible toaster concept.  


If You Must Smoke, Drink Red Wine

Every day there’s more news about the health benefits of red wine,


‘Tipsy’ Gene May Lead To Treatment For Alcoholism

Some of us tend to stop drinking before we cross that line… when we are just feeling a bit ‘tipsy,’ rather than roaring drunk.

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Ever heard of a dress made out of wine?

Have you read about the dress made from wine yet? Yes, wine!


Milk Helps You Lose Weight

Milk helps advance weight loss? 

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