In the latest episode of The Lite Show, it’s all about a jack of all trades, Siv Ngesi, one of South Africa’s most dynamic performers.


The higher the cocoa, such as in dark chocolate, the more benefits there are.

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With the food and beverage industry being one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, restaurant workers noticed something unusual when restaurants reopened - bigger tips.


If you’re a fan of going out for afternoon tea, then you might be excited to learn that it can actually be pretty easy (and super fun!) to create your own afternoon tea party at home.


American multinational chain of coffee houses and roastery Starbucks has opened a branch in the seaside town of Muizenberg in Cape Town on Friday, but many locals are unhappy, claiming that local businesses will suffer.


Happiness with food has less to do with what food we’re eating and more to do with how we’re experiencing the food we’re eating, says the acclaimed cook book author.


The tweet went viral, raking in 4 000 quote retweets and 6 000 likes since the time it was shared.


Leaving big tips becoming a trend amid pandemic.


In April, food blogger Chaheti Bansal shared a video recipe where she urged people to ’cancel the word curry’. Her call has since gone viral.


These delicious brownies are coated in rich chocolate and topped with smoked paprika and salt.

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