Hot Sa Properties With Views And Luxurious Experiences

The country offers some of the best views and luxury experiences. We list a few.


More Sa Millennials Are Opting For Zero And Low-alcohol Alternatives

With increased interest in living healthier lifestyles, especially amid a global pandemic, millennial and Gen Z South Africans are looking for no- or low-alcohol alternatives that will hit the spot.

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Breakfast Club In A Bottle: ’anele And The Club’ Launches New Smoothie

The breakfast club said the show reflects the can-do attitude of Joburgers.


Love In The Time Of Lockdown Might Be Tricky But It Doesn’t Mean Romance Can’t Blossom

Valentine’s Day 2021 is a time to ensure that romance blossoms and hearts grow fonder

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Michelle Obama Launches Cooking Show For Kids, Starring Puppets

Former US first lady’s mission to get kids to eat healthier gets a boost.


12 Foods And Herbs To Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

Here are 12 foods and herbs to bring passion to your bedroom; spice up your sex life. They are also healthy and nutritious - from walnuts to cacao, asparagus and beetroot.


What’s Inside Savanna Cider? Mzansi Shares ‘secret Ingredients’ And It’s Hilarious

The controversial ’Savanna challenge’ has resurfaced and is spreading across social media again.


Heineken Set To Slash 8 000 Jobs After Profits Are Cut By Covid-19 Restrictions

Heineken plans to cut about 8000 jobs, seeking to restore operating margins to pre-pandemic levels after a sharp decline in profit because of coronavirus restrictions.

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‘green Boerewors’ Hard To Stomach? You Can Try ‘mixed Veg Boerewors’

Judging from what Twitter users had to say about the recent dish, many still do not approve of it.


Recipe: Roasted Cauliflower Salad With Chickpeas, Red Pepper And Rocket

A crunchy, flavourful salad makes great use of leftover roasted vegetables.

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