Twitter Shows Its Appreciation After Dr Sindi Gives Impromptu Lesson On The Vagina

GP and radio host Dr Sindisiwe van Zyl took some time to school her more than 150K followers on the inner workings of the vagina.


Why Women Should Skip A Hearty Late Meal

Eating the biggest meal at night goes against our internal body clock, a new study suggests.


For The Love Of Art: 5 Sculpture Gardens To Visit Around Cape Town

As international visitors start arriving in Cape Town, it’s a great excuse to play tour guide and experience art from a different perspective.


Inside The Charmed Lives Of Celebrity Kids

The offspring of celebrities are following in their parent's footsteps in every over-the-top way.


Miss Sa Is Doing Her Part For Gender Equality By Wearing Love Letters From Men For Miss Universe Pageant

Zozibini Tunzi is launching her National Costume Campaign With Love Letters From South African Men.


Smartphone Stress Is Real. Here’s How To Deal With It

We spend on average four hours a day looking at our phones.


Pics: All The Glitz And Glam At Pink Polo

While sipping on bubbly and watching polo matches, ladies donned their finest "pink" inspired outfits.


Look: Duchess Meghan And Kate Both Wear Blue On Remembrance Day

Duchess Meghan and Kate both wear blue on Remembrance Day but in very different ways.


Alcohol-free Drinks Still Pose Danger To Addicts

Being the designated driver does not mean forgoing that beer or glass of wine any more thanks to the increasing availability of alcohol-free drinks. Some of the beers available today include Castle Free, Heineken 0.0, Bavaria Non-Alcoholic and Erdinger Alcohol-Free.


Celebrated Sommelier Esmé Groenewald Pairs Fish And Chips With Chardonnay

Ice-cold tangy whites and light, fruity white wines go down surprisingly well with fish and chips.

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