Washington Winemaker Comes To The Rescue After An Unimaginable Theft

PATERSON, Wash. -- It will be a harvest to remember for an East Coast winemaker after an unbelievable misfortune, and the Washington grape grower who came to the rescue. It all started last week, when


Storm Chaser Gets Surreal Photo Of Jellyfish-like Lightning Sprite Over Oklahoma

It might be one of the most freakish, yet more beautiful natural phenomenon you'll see -- a flash of jellyfish sprite lightning.Paul Smith captured the incredible photo while storm chasing near Oklaho

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How To Tell If A Wine Has Gone Bad

There are a lot of wines out there that suck; tasteless, insipid, and not meant for human consumption. But what about a wine that should be good, yet turns out awful?


Butcher bringings home the bacon with marijuana pigs

A Seattle butcher said he’s found a way to marry marijuana and meat – by feeding pot plants to pigs.

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