Coca-cola Is Launching A Posh Coke That You Can Mix With Spirits

The range of Signature Mixers will include flavours such as Smoky, Spicy and Herbal


Fanta Has Just Announced A Grape Flavour

It will reportedly hit the shelves next month.


Are Celebrity Booze Brands Actually Any Good?

We put Peaky Blinders' whisky, Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin and more to the test


A Can Of Strongbow Dark Fruit Is Less Calorific Than An Avocado

The avocado is a favourite among the health-conscious but is packed with calories


Tesco Is Selling Litre Bottles Of Jack Daniels For Cheapest Price This Year

The supermarket giant has been reducing their litre bottles since November, but this drop is staggering so close to Christmas


Morrisons Is Selling Enormous Bottles Of Booze For Black Friday 2018

Hendrick's and Boodles gin, and Disaronno all come in supersized bottles


Posh Soft Drink Lovers Unhappy As San Pellegrino Adapts Recipe To Avoid Sugar Tax

For some, the sugar tax just got real


Fanta Is Releasing Two New Flavours For Halloween

These look amazing and they're only for the spooky season


Man Smashes Up Off Licence Because They Didn’t Have His Favourite Lager

The guy caused around £4,000 worth of damage - not good reading for anyone who owns a small business


There’s An Aperol Spritz Delivery Service Coming In August

You and a friend could be getting a perfectly mixed complimentary glass of the good stuff in August

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