Bad coffee is the best coffee. Or less cryptically: The lower you can set your standard for acceptable coffee, the happier you’ll be.


There’s a bar in my neighborhood that has a huge sign up that says “No Frosty Glasses” on it, presumably because people would ask for beer in one.


Wine has a huge gap between the highest and lowest prices, even at less expensive stores like Trader Joe’s or Costco. If you’re not a wine enthusiast, you might be wondering why there’s such a big gap.


You go to pop open a fresh bottle of wine—maybe you don’t have a proper wine-opening tool—and the cork, or part of it, plummets into the bottle.


You crave it in the morning, you wait in long lines for it, and I’m drinking it while I write this: coffee is everywhere. But that means misinformation about it is everywhere too.


Opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew is not ideal, but you’re bound to forget or lose it one of these days.


So you just got a bunch of great wine for the party you’re hosting.


Enjoying wine isn’t something you should be ashamed of.


We’ve explored many bacon hacks over the years here at Lifehacker, but never how to mix everyone’s favorite cured meat with alcohol.


Walk into a wine shop and chances are you’ll encounter displays touting the ratings of the wines in front of you.

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