A bunch of Japanese grapes has sold for a record one million yen ($8,200), or $315 per berry – no trifling matter even in a country where fruit can cost a small fortune.


It took a master chocolatier, cocoa from Tanzania and two solitaire diamonds to create what’s being billed as the world’s most extravagant chocolate Easter bunny, worth $49 000


Almost half of South African men are likely to experience problems in the bedroom because of boozing.


They sure know how to make a good wine, but did you know that many of the Western Cape’s winemakers can also catch a wave with skill too?


At the European Society of Cardiology Congress, researchers from the Czech Republic presented a first of its kind study in which they concluded that wine has its greatest cardiovascular benefits for those who exercise.


A winery in Washington State is inviting wine lovers to help create a new Cabernet Sauvignon from start to finish in a crowdsourced, digital campaign.


Wine of Origin: Stellenbosch 


A visit to Franschhoek is always a special occasion and although it’s only an hour’s drive from Cape Town, the tranquility and beauty of the area makes you believe you are much further away …almost in another country.


The famous white variety Chardonnay is grown in most winemaking countries and arguably produces the very best of dry white wines as well as the finest of champagnes.


De Grendel is a sprawling farm on the outskirts of Durbanville owned by the Graaf family.

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