Blue Diamond Launches Vegan Almond Breeze Milk Creamer And Dairy-free Banana Milk

Vegan Blue Diamond Growers milk brand Almond Breeze is launching two new dairy-free creamers and banana milk in Target, Safeway, and Walmart.


Nescafé Launches Vegan Oat Milk Coffee Protein Smoothies

Nescafe, Nestle's coffee brand, has launched vegan Coffee Protein Smoothies featuring plant-based protein. The new beverage appeals to the demand for healthier food.


Corona Beer Trialing Plant-based Biodegradable Plastic-free Six-pack Rings

Vegan-friendly beer company Corona is trialing fully plastic-free can rings, piloting six-pack rings made from plant-based, biodegradable fibers in Mexico.


Queen’s ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ Vegan Lager Is Kind Of Magic

Because even vegan beer can be rock 'n' roll, legendary British rock band Queen have their own vegan, gluten-free "Bohemian Rhapsody" lager.


New Vegan Sneaker Range Is Made Out Of Coffee Leather

High-end German sneaker brand nat-2 just launched a line of vegan shoes featuring a unique animal-free leather, made from repurposed coffee grounds.


100-year-old Wadworth Brewery Launches Vegan Version Of Award-winning Gluten-free Beer ‘6x Gold’ Beer

The traditional method of filtering Wadworth's award-winning, best gluten-free beer through isinglass has been removed, making the beer vegan.


7 Vegan Recipes Perfect For Whiskey Pairing (when Wine Won’t Do)

Some nights, wine simply won't do. Here are seven sophisticated vegan food and whiskey pairings for the perfect evening in.


Vegan Milk Brand Blue Diamond Becomes Plant Based Foods Association’s 100th Member

The Plant Based Foods Association just reached 100 members with its latest vegan member company, Blue Diamond, the makers of Almond Breeze.


Dairy Company Turns Vegan And Launch Milk Made From Peanuts

A new plant-based nut milk has hit the dairy-free market in America and is soon to be stocked on shelves near you. This innovative milk, with its focus ingredient farmed in Georgia, is made with a pe

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