Packaging Spotlight: Peeze quality coffee

Peeze provides top quality coffee, especially in the business to business area.


Vocation`s packaging is as daring as the beer it crafts

Craft beer is riding the crest of a wave, and as microbreweries gain in popularity, brand identities are getting more expressive and creative.

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Beer Packaging Spotlight: Sinful

Sinful is metal-inspired craft beer with a sensual personality, with the target audience of unisex adults ranging from 20-35.


Packaging Spotlight: Pepperjack Wines

The new Pepperjack “Graded” tier consists of two wines, each specially created to drink with specific cuts of steak, and the client wanted this message to come across strongly.

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Packaging Spotlight: Doctor`s Orders Gin

The client and project overview: Legend Distilling came to us with a fresh idea to open a craft-based distillery in the heart of Naramata wine country in BC.


Packaging Spotlight: Panda Champagne

Provide brief rationale behind the work being submitted:


Packaging Spotlight: Tru Bru Beer

Tru Bru, meaning ‘true flavour, brewery fresh’, is a high-tech system of take-home craft beer.


Packaging Spotlight: Don Draper Rum

2013 was a hard year in advertising. Bad news at lots of agencies and little reward.


Packaging Spotlight: Habemus Wine

A project that pays homage to the first South American Pope in history.


Packaging Spotlight: Hout Bay

At the southern tip of Africa, often mere metres from the shore, the migration of the southern right whale is a keenly observed phenomenon.

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