Tullamore Dew’s ‘o’everyone’ Promotion Combines Personalized Print And Promo (and More If You Legally Change Your Name)

Tullamore Dew is running a two-part St. Patrick's Day promotion that involves some fun print and promo merchandise and also maybe changing your last name to "Tullamore."


How Jagermeister Skirted German Law To Advertise On Soccer Jerseys

Soccer fans are used to seeing shirt sponsorships, but they might not know how Jagermeister revolutionized the practice by finding a legal loophole in the German rulebook.


Our Fave 5 Promotional Products Of The Week: Lagavulin Whiskey & More

This week's edition of Promo Marketing's Fave 5 promotional products includes Nick Offerman-branded Lagavulin Whiskey, George Costanza bobbleheads, and historically inaccurate baseball T-shirts.


Small Brewery Takes On Molson Coors Over Promotional T-shirts

A Muskoka chair image appearing on promotional T-shirts is the centerpiece of a legal confrontation between Molson Coors Canada and an Ontario brewery.

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