Marketing talked to Macallan brand ambassador Patricia Byott to get the inside scoop on Hong Kong's newest whisky pilgrimage and what Macallan has in store for the future.


An easy-to-make drink, its crisp and zesty taste make it ideal for easing up at the end of the day.


The Scotch whisky distiller hired London creative agency Space to unite its markets around a single brand message.


Hong Kong-based chef May Chow takes the audience on a tour across a variety of iconic local Asian food through the lens of Hennessy cognac meal pairings.


Carlsberg's machine - which will accept any and all beer brands - incentivises use by offering a range of rewards depending on how many bottles are recycled with it.


Or did it do the right thing? Industry players weigh in.


Under the theme of solving a detective case, Glenfiddich invites guests to interact with actors to analyse clues and threads left by suspects to reveal the truth of the missing Glenfiddich bottle.


"PR is no longer about storytelling by brand owner but experience-sharing and perception exchange by consumer or community."

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From 18 March onwards, the special edition will be available across major convenience stores and selected restaurants.


Prior to the launch of the global campaign, Heineken interviewed consumers across the region in search of inspiring insights, before preparing the campaign.

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