Heineken: Beer Brands Have Missed An Opportunity To Innovate Around Flavour

Heineken's beer director talks to Marketing Week about the trends the industry needs to pay closer attention to if they're to drive future growth.


Stella Artois Brings Back ‘reassuringly Expensive’ To Celebrate Pubs Reopening

Stella Artois is hoping to capitalise on the surge in consumer demand for trusted brands with the temporary return of its classic 'Reassuringly Expensive' tagline, as it celebrates the reopening of UK


Why Stella Artois Is Focusing On ‘art, Not Advertising’ As It Looks To Drive Reappraisal

The Belgian beer brand is seeking a return to its 'innovative' heyday with a fresh focus on artistry and a global rollout of its restaurant concept, Frites Artois.


‘the Last Of Its Kind’: How Smirnoff’s ‘sea’ Ad Made A Splash

Amid stiff competition from the wider spirit sector, Smirnoff decided to pull out all the stops with a big-budget, old school shoot that brought together helicopters, cranes and some very angry fisher


Bacardi’s Four-stage Plan To Get Through Lockdown And Beyond

The drinks company has tried to react to changes in consumer behaviour brought on by the coronavirus lockdown


Carlsberg Welcomes Back Pubs As It Tries To Mirror Mood Of The Nation

As coronavirus halted plans for Carlsberg's 'Probably not' marketing, the brand switched focus to supporting local business.


Diageo Launches Personalised Gifting Pilot To Help People ‘connect’

Diageo is investing in personalisation as part of a three-pronged marketing strategy that includes building excitement among existing customers to create loyalty.


How Corona Built Brand Equity In Spite Of The Pandemic

Brands can generate love and loyalty, even in a crisis, through building equities and visual triggers, as Corona has unexpectedly discovered.


How Glenfiddich Went Into Battle To Win The Whisky Wars – Marketing Week

A famous old name turned its fortunes around and repositioned itself as the leading whisky brand thanks to clever targeting and content creation.


Brewdog And Starbucks On Why It Is ‘a Mistake’ Not To Involve In-house Teams In Pitching – Marketing Week

Both brands admit they have learned the hard way that no involving in-house teams with pitch processes can create a ?negative environment? internally.

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