Hermaneutics: Adland In Review ? Restructuring After Industry Shakeout

by Herman Manson. Having initially failed to adapt internally to the rapidly changing agency environment, ad agencies are being forced to restructure.


The Power Report: Schweppes Raises The Bar ? Will Coke Follow?

by Megan Power. What Schweppes has successfully done is own up to its blunder publicly and fix it. Now Coca-Cola needs to do the same.


#campaignradar: Watch Kitty Phetla In Whisky-as-art Ad

Mirum?s new campaign James Sedgwick Distillery?s Three Ships Whisky, which reflects the brand message of ?Made Exceptional. Made Here?, begins with ballerina Kitty Phetla elegantly floa?


2018 Assegai Awards Finalists

The DMASA Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards has announced its 2018 finalists and winners will be announced at a gala evening on Thursday, 8 November 2018, at the POLO Room in Inanda, Sandton. Thi?


All The 2018 Amasa Award Winners

The 2018 AMASA Awards winners were announced last night, Wednesday, 10 October 2018, with sports management consultancy, Playmakers, named the inaugural Agency of the Year and overall Roger Garlick?


Poison City Brewing Launches Cannabis Lager

Durban?s Poison City Brewing is launching Durban Poison Cannabis Lager, which contains no THC (the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis that delivers the ?high?) but is brewed with hemp oil ?


Carling Black Label Rethinks Representations Of Masculinity

Carling Black Label has launched a new ad across all major television stations and social media platforms, asking, ?What does it mean to be a man?? The protagonist of the commercial, played by well?


#agencyfocus: Jupiter Ct Snags Beares, Prepares For Comeback

by Carey Finn. The ad agency has landed firmly on its feet after a series of setbacks in 2017.


#campaigns: When You Thought You?d Bought A Beer (but Got A Brewery)

by MarkLives. This week we feature insight into the brief, creative idea, production challenges and results of the ?For Sale Ale? campaign for Garagista by Duke.


#loeries2018 Winners: Three Grands Prix On Friday Night

by MarkLives. On Friday night, Grands Prix were awarded in Communication Design (Turkey), Digital & Interactive Communication (South Africa) and Print Communication (SA).

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