How To Use Your Smartphone To Figure Out How Drunk You Are

A pocket-sized breathalyzer (that's on sale!) will get the job done.


Uber Applies For Patent That Would Detect Drunk Passengers

Safer? Maybe. Embarrassing? Probably.


Fan Knows Just What To Do After A Baseball Lands In Her Beer

Beer and baseball have always gone hand in hand.


Broccoli Coffee Is A Thing, Because You’re Not Eating Your Vegetables

"Broccolatte," anyone?


Robb Vices Has The Fanciest Subscription Box We’ve Ever Seen

People say you can't buy class but like, yeah you can.


Save $80 On A Nespresso Coffee Maker And Skip The Starbucks Line

Skip the line at the coffee shop.


Amazon Deals For Thursday, May 24: Iphone X Cases, Amazon Tap, Bose Headphones, And More

Plus, you can also save on coffee makers.


This Desert Farm Is Harvesting Food Using Nothing But Sunlight And Seawater

It grows 17,000 tons of tomatoes per year.


New Starbucks Policy: You Don’t Need To Buy Their Coffee To Sit Or Use The Bathroom

The policy comes just weeks after two black men were arrested inside a Starbucks.


Let The Blockchain Get You Buck Wild Drunk With This Cryptobeer Vending Machine

Oh hell yeah it's about to pop off like BCH (any day now!).

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