Tie-dye Frappuccino From Starbucks Is The New Drink Of The Summer

Move over, Unicorn Frappuccino?the Tie-Dye Frappe will be the next colorful Starbucks drink to flood your Instagram feed.


Dogfish Head And Kodak Team Up To Create Beer That Develops Super 8 Film

The new SuperEIGHT beer from Dogfish Head and Kodak has the acidity and vitamin C necessary to develop old-fashioned Super 8 film.


All Aboard! Mexico Is Now Home To An All-you-can-drink Tequila Train

Chug-a-lug: There's bottomless tequila (and snacks) aboard the Jose Cuervo Express from Guadalajara to Tequila.


Yes, the Shape of Your Wine Glass Really Does Matter

There are plenty of good reasons to be sceptical of snobby wine culture.


Dogfish Head’s New Beer Packaging Doubles As A Cooler

Don't let your lack of cooler stop you from enjoying an ice-cold beer.


The Surprising Role Bats Play In Making Your Margarita

The winged mammals play a vital?albeit little-appreciated?role in agave production.


7 Surprising Uses for Tequila

Many spirits are useful for activities beyond sipping (vodka, for example, is a great stain and odor remover), but tequila holds some particularly magical powers. Here are just a few of them.


Want To Improve Your Foreign-language Skills? Grab A Beer.

People get a little more fluent when they're tipsy, a new study found.


Diogenes of Sinope, the Ancient Philosopher Who Lived in a Wine Barrel

Diogenes of Sinope lived in a wine barrel, urinated in public, and was one of the most beloved philosophers of the 4th century BCE.


15 Tea Traditions From Around the World

Drinking tea is a tradition that’s said to date back to 2737 BCE, when, according to legend, Chinese emperor Shennong found his hot water was greatly improved when a dried leaf fell from a plant into his cup.

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