M&s Unveils Four New Types Of Cocktail In A Can

Now you can have a aperitivo spritzer, cherry spritzer, peach spritzer and a vermouth & tonic.


Lidl Is Selling A Genius Tray That Lets You Cook Four Pizzas At Once

We want a pizza that.


What’s Actually In The Vegan Kfc Burger?

It's available from next week.


Morrisons Launches Gigantic Surf And Turf To Celebrate Father’s Day

It's huge!


Students Plead For People To Stop Feeding Their University Cat

Please. My cat. He's getting too fat.


Deliveroo Launches New Sauce That Tastes Just Like Your Dad’s Bad Barbecues

Would you try this?


Grab Your Pals, The Friends-themed Cafe Is Now Open In A Manchester Primark

A central perk in the city centre.


Kellogg’s Is Launching Two New Beers Made From Rice Krispies And Coco Pops Waste

The beers are made from discarded grains created in the cooking process at the cereal giant?s Manchester factory.


Londoners Can Now Get Coffee Delivered To Their Door In Reusable Containers

Remember the old milk vans? It's like that, but with coffee.


People Start Panic Buying Water After Water Main Bursts

Supermarket shelves are down to just San Pellegrino.

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