The festive season is upon us, which means canapes, presents and of course, lots and lots of Prosecco. But before the big day hits, we’ve still got a fair few sober days left at work.


A creative butcher has started selling Red Bull and vodka sausages.


He used to go on a Magical Mystery Tour before a show – but these days Paul McCartney says Let It Be to the booze because he started to forget his song words on stage.


US drinks giant Jack Daniel’s is hoping to cash in on Britain’s booming cider business.


Cheers! Raise a glass to the revolutionary new “Holiday Spirit” rum that puts the A and I into a Mai Tai.


The bargain Italian bubbly can be bought from around £6, while a bottle of French champagne usually costs at least £15


A drinks company has advertised for a “gintern” to get paid £20,000 a year to travel Europe drinking gin.


A human can go more than three weeks without food. But water? A week is the absolute maximum we can last without it.


Former Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson and James May got so drunk before a live show they had to be given an injection.


E-cigarettes could lead to more problem drinking.

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