How Can Tea Appeal To Millennials?

Functional teas, specialty teas, and indulgent products will help the tea category appeal to millennials against a backdrop of overall falling tea volumes, a...


Long-fibre Prebiotics Show Promising Sweetness, Say Scientists

How to keep things sweet without adding calories ? is it a Holy Grail or could UK scientists have found a solution thanks to long-fibre prebiotics?


South Korea’s Omiberry To Bring ‘5-flavor Berry’ Rtd Tea To Us Market

Hyojongwon Corp. of South Korea has expanded its reach to the US where it will launch Omiberry RTD cold brew tea, made from the Schisandra Chinensis berry, l...


Booming Plant-based Drinks Market Set For More Innovation

The explosive growth of the dairy alternative drinks market is driven by increased demand from consumers who do not want to fully commit to a plant-based die...

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Euromonitor: Everyday Wellness Positions Sparkling Water As Guilt-free

The list of beverages consumers drink on a daily basis is becoming more restricted, but sparkling water has maintained a prime spot and is perceived as an ev...


Brewers Association Sees Engagement For American Craft Beer Week

To appeal to a more engaged and educated craft beer audience, the Brewers Association has launched its #beeritforward social initiative and a partnership wit...


‘packthefuture’ Sustainable Plastic Packaging Awards

Germany and France have been recognized for their sustainable products at the ?PackTheFuture? Sustainable Plastic Packaging Awards at Interpack.


Treofanphthalate-free Packaging And Mineral Oil Barriers

Treofan has started to offer its customers phthalate-free packaging films on request using phthalate-free base polymers in the extrusion process.


Energy Drink ‘risk’ Revealed For Teenagers With Genetic Heart Disease

Caffeinated energy drinks can trigger serious cardiac events in young people with a genetic heart disease, Australian researchers claim.


Paper Packaging Mondi Interpack

Mondi has expanded its packaging portfolio based on current trends, differentiating its products at the point of sale.

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