Every day brings news of some new ag robot, designed to increase efficiency and lighten the farmer’s load. Just in the past few months, we’ve done stories on the Lettuce Bot (aka Roomba for weeds), drones that herd cattle and spray pesticides, and a self-driving tractor. Some worry — as with many professions — that farm machines will replace humans altogether. Others are happy to embrace automation, especially when it helps boost income and reduce stress. But whether you love robots, fear them, or just can’t look away, they are upending agriculture as we know it. Here are five compelling farm bots, in varying stages of completion.


Makaela Gilchrist’s neighborhood has seen some tough times. A mix of privately owned homes and housing projects, it’s had its share of gang crime and senseless brutality. Stabbings have occurred just for walking on the wrong side of the street.

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