This Farmer Is Making Some Of The Most Coveted Wines In America

Deirdre Heekin is the brains and palate behind La Garagista Farm + Winery in Vermont.


Across Southern Australia, Farmers Are Finding New Outlets For Their Native Plants

We’re talking about farm-to-table spirits, mate!


Processed Chicken From China Slips Past New Country-of-Origin Labels

Raw imported meat or fish now bears a label describing where it was raised, slaughtered and processed. Cooked meat doesn’t face the same requirement and as a result, chicken from China could be


Farmers Win the Super Bowl: 5 Ag-Related Spots from the Big Game

That might have something to do with the last year’s unforgettable “So God Made a Farmer Ad” for Dodge Ram. For two-minutes of mass marketing bliss last year, radio legend Paul Harve


5 Winners and 5 Losers of the Just-Passed Farm Bill

The Washington Post has the most accessible breakdown of the long-contested bill. In short summary, about 80 percent of the bill, worth nearly a trillion dollars, will go to nutrition benefit programs


Ethanol: The Farmers’ Frenemy

A company called Green Plains was putting the finishing touches on its first ethanol plant on the outskirts of town; bumper stickers and pamphlets lauding the benefits of ethanol featured prominently

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Startup Brings Fresh Food to Chicago, One Vending Machine at a Time

The machine also isn’t your standard combination of metal, glass and black plastic. Recycled barn week encases the kiosk and rather than an awkward push-button system of letters and numbers, use


Stink Wars: When a Foul Wind Wafts From a Farm, Is it a Problem?

That’s John Klein speaking. He’s a graphic designer and photographer who lives in Michigan’s dairy country, just north of the Ohio border. Klein also serves as director of the Environmentally Co


Rural Crime School: To Catch a Cattle Thief

Rural crime can stymie the most adept law enforcement officer: there are addicts stripping farms of every brass fixture they can get their hands on and selling it for scrap metal. There are tractor he


The Arctic Apple: A GMO Fruit That Won’t Go Brown

Neal Carter is an orchardist in Summerland, British Columbia, and the president of Okanagan Specialty Fruits (OSF). He says his GM apple is at the forefront of a new wave in biotech: quality traits.

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