Bill Zacharkiw’s Wines Of The Week: April 13, 2019

Quite a range today of recommendations, from one of the better SAQ values at $13.80, to an $83 bottle that is worth the price tag.


Zacharkiw On Wine: Why Is Chile Still So Underrated?

Many wine lovers, apparently, still view Chilean wine with ?bulk wine? lenses, but they?re worth a new look.


Bill Zacharkiw’s Wines Of The Week: Feb. 22, 2019

Buti Nages, at $15.95, is a great white for the price.


Wine: Seven Reds That Taste Richer Than Their Under-$13 Price Tags

For those looking to trim expenses, but not the pleasure of a decent glass of wine, here is a list to take to the SAQ.


Wine: Swirling Back To Barolo, Tequila And Other Boozy Bests Of 2018

What did I drink most in 2018? Here they are, some of which made these pages, others that I kept for myself, until now.


Wine: Some Of The Best Bubbles On Offer At The Saq For The Holidays

Bill Zacharkiw picks some of his favourites, from Cava and Prosecco to sparkling wines that will impress even Champagne snobs.


Wine: Want To Kick The Sugar Habit? Try Grenache Or Merlot

If you like the added aroma and smoothness in Liano, Caymus, Apothic or Ménage à Trois, you could be getting more sugar than you think.


George Martin’s Son Remixes The White Album Even If The Beatles ‘ostracized My Dad’ While Making It

Producer Giles Martin wasn?t even born when his famous Beatles? producing father, George aka The Fifth Beatle, wrestled with The Fab Four while making their 1968 eponymous double-disc o…


Hotel Intel: Kimpton Launches Boutique Brand In Cozy Toronto Space

Created in the former Holiday Inn Toronto Bloor Yorkville, this is a boutique hotel with a relaxed residential feeling.


Social Notes: Lise Watier Foundation Empowers And Enchants

The foundation?s seventh annual benefit event raised $790,000 to help women?s initiatives.

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