Bbh China Creates Virtual Restaurant In Mobile-led Campaign For Martell Cognac

BBH China has created a mobile-led campaign for cognac brand Martell owned by Pernod Ricard. Titled ?Martell Curious Restaurant?, the campaign involves scanning a QR code to gain entry into a virtual


Hendrick’s Gin Promotion For Valentine’s Day Suggests Romantics Trade Roses In For Cucumbers

Hendrick?s Gin has launched an unusual Valentine?s Day promotion which seeks to replace the commonplace and cliched rose with a cucumber. Created by Iris Singapore, the promotion riffs on the brand?s


Singapore?s Largest Sequential Led Billboard Created For Martell Cognac

At 50 metres by 11 metres, a size equal to two tennis courts, SPHMBO has unveiled Singapore?s largest sequential LED-lit billboard. Located at Scott?s Square, the L-shaped billboard advertises Martell


My Favourite Ad Campaign Of All Time: The Carling Black Label Series Of The 1980s

Without showing my age too much, I grew up in the United Kingdom during a golden age of advertising. A time where if you wanted to skip a television ad, you?d go make a ?cuppa? between commercial brea


New Bbh India Campaign For Beck’s: A Beer In The Mountains Is The Antidote To Workplace Stress

Global brewer Anhueser-Busch InBev has appointed BBH India as the creative agency for its new product Beck?s Ice. The agency will also handle social media marketing for the beer, which it says is desi

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