This $50 Weed Pizza Could Be The Future Of Edibles

As well as tiny, "designer" gummies.


When You’re A Weed Trimmer, Everything You Eat Tastes Like Weed

The job means you’re removed from society and have to cook with limited resources—and you never quite get all the kief off your fingers.


Actually, Tiny Overpriced Grocery Stores Are Perfect For Indecisive People

I look at the exorbitant prices as my penance for the inability to make a decision in bigger stores.


Coffee Company Voluntarily Changing Its Name Over Cultural Appropriation Concerns

For 14 years, Wisconsin-based Kickapoo Coffee has sold award-winning fair trade and organic coffee—but now it's Kickapoo no more.


This Super-easy Smooshed Potato And Egg Dish Is The Perfect Anytime Food

Naz Deravian of Bottom of the Pot shows us how to make a classic Persian street food that we promise you can master in minutes.


Chicken Tinga Recipe

This spicy, smoky shredded chicken recipe is perfect paired with homemade corn tortillas.


Mcdonald’s Apologizes For Serving Woman Disinfectant-laced Bubble Tea

Can’t say that’s my favorite boba flavor, either.


This Nyc Restaurant Is Really Out Here Selling $42 Steaks For Dogs

If you’d like to body-shame your pet, the dog menu also has a “When I’m Dieting” section that includes $28 salmon and $16 chicken breast.


Orange, Saffron, And Honey Tahchin Recipe

The classic Persian baked rice dish doesn't always have to be savory.


Crackdown On Century Eggs In Italy Sparks Outcry In China

“Foreigners are clueless when it comes to food,” said one Chinese social media user.

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