There’s an idea that craft beer is dominated by men, mostly with beards, beanies, and an affinity for plaid flannel.


The Sazerac Company has released a line of “fortified wine beverages” that look like assorted liquors, without the flavour or… the liquor of those real spirits. The labels on each of those bottles imitate the iconography and typefaces of more familiar brands of booze, which is why they’re causing double-takes in US states where hard liquor is only sold in ABC stores.


Tequila is good for a lot of things—like getting totally blitzed and inducing deathly hangovers. But while tequila is essentially fun, tasty poison, the plant that it’s made from could have some surprising health benefits.


Other than correcting someone’s pronunciation of a foreign word, there may not be a faster way to feel superior than eating a granola bar—and it works in so many situations.


Is there any better antidote to a big, loud night out than sitting alone in your silent kitchen and sipping on coffee?


A few years ago, drinking mezcal in Bangkok was about as improbable as Donald Trump running for president. Well, things change.


Tempura in America and tempura in Japan are two very different creatures.


Social media is great. Where else can you argue with an egg named @nazz91 about the new Beyoncé video or find out what your hot new coworker ate for tea last night (“Delish ramen bowl #fresh #veggies #japenesfood,” if you were wondering.)


What does the island nation of Japan have in common with a totally bitchin’ rager hosted by the likes of Dionysus, Bacchus, and Liber?


I come from a large family. My father has six younger sisters, and our immediate family rounds out around 30 people.

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