Alberta Rcmp Officer Sues Over Suspension For Giving Away Seized Beer To Local Fire Department

Const. Charles Clarke argues his suspension has denied him the opportunity for promotion, and says the decision to not reinstate him was ?reprehensible and malicious?


Blue Wine Is Making Waves In France As It Gains Fans And Irks Experts

Vindigo?s producer says the colour is natural. Wine experts aren?t convinced


Doug Ford Rolls Out Buck-a-beer Plan, Lowering Minimum Price For A Can For Bottle In Ontario

The premier says participating businesses will be offered prime spots in Liquor Control Board of Ontario stores or advertising in the store magazine?s inserts


A Brew With A High: Canadian Scientists Are Brewing The World’s First Cannabis Beer

?The beer hits you very quickly, which is not common for a marijuana edible?

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Wet Potpourri Strained Through Old Tweed: Why You’re Not Wrong To Hate Overhopped Beer

You are not a boor or a lesser human being for not wanting to get buzzed on beer that tastes like the inside of a Body Shop


Winemakers Revolt Against Health Tags On Bottles, Say Move Labels Wine As A ‘criminal Product’

The health minister wants two labels obligatory on each wine bottle — one warning pregnant women against drinking and the other a reminder that wine is illegal for under-18s


Hide-and-go-drink: Latest Quebec Union Pressure Tactic Is To Turn Around Wine Bottles On Store Shelves

Employees are saying, ‘The employer wants to turn our lives upside down, so I am going to turn the bottles around,’ the union president said


Co2 Shortage Explained: Why Europe And Mexico Are Running Out Of The Gas And What That Means For Canada

The summer is hot, the World Cup is on, and people want to have a cold one. But Europe and Mexico are running low on CO2. Here?s why


Is Your ‘pint’ Of Beer Really A Pint? A U.k. Restaurant Chain Was Caught Serving Undersized Beers

?To come between a man and his pint of beer is one thing, but to come between a man and his short pint of beer is another?


Dildo, Newfoundland Brewery Dodges Lewd Beer Names, Despite Endless Pun Possibilities

Co-owner Angela Reid says the Dildo Brewing Company and Museum kept it classy — for the most part — while naming four new brews

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