The first mention of Gouda cheese dates from 1184, making it one of the oldest recorded cheeses in the world still made today.


An effective way to compare wines, are horizontal and vertical tastings. It’s easy judginbg wines side by side, but some different concepts have developed around the organization of those tastings.


For the great weekend ahead, one needs a great meal to compliment it.


The name literally means “Spice Traminer” or “Perfumed Traminer”


There have been many studies about the influence of background music on restaurant diners.


The long-standing relationship that wine has had with oak is worth investigating, especially since oak barrels have been used in wine fermentation and barrel aging for centuries.


Conservation and sustainability are two interlinked themes that run very strongly through the Cape Legends portfolio of estates and wineries.


It is the time of the year to try new recipes and experiment with new cuisines.


Here is a delicious recipe. It is easy to prepare and will not leave you slaving in the kitchen.


Call it fluoride for grown-ups: new research suggests a crisp chardonnay may fight cavities.

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