The Drink Pregnant Women Are Obsessed With

Sometimes, we all just need a drink — even pregnant women — and while it obviously can’t be alcoholic, mum-to-be’s have discovered a new way to still “feel” like they’re enjoying their f


Trick To Getting Cheap Beer On Australia Day

There’s nothing like sitting back with a few mates and enjoying a cold beer on a hot Summer day and with the Australia Day long weekend just around the corner many Aussies would be planning on doing


The Dark Truth Behind The New Celery Juice Trend

Everyone from Kim Kardashian West to your next-door neighbour is going crazy for the latest juice trend, celery juice. But is it actually as beneficial as everyone claims?


Opera House Enlists Doggos To Keep Your Hot Chips Safe From Seagulls

Sydney Opera House’s latest move to tackle the annoying seagull problem plaguing their diners has left me wondering what we have done to deserve dogs once more.


These Ridiculous Airtasker Job Requests Prove How Lazy We Are

Airtasker: The great mobile marketplace where anything is possible, for the right price.


We May Soon See ‘australian Prosecco’ On Shelves

Australians have been making prosecco for years, but may lose the right to use the name on bottles of the sparking wine.


Dark Truth Behind New Celery Juice Trend

Ah yes, January.


Customers Fume Over Pub’s ‘ridiculous’ Rule

A pub in Victoria has taken the extraordinary step of banning kids from drinking lemon, lime and bitters.


Sin Tax Doubles Price Of Alcohol Overnight

World Cup 2022 host Qatar has introduced a massive tax on alcohol, doubling the price overnight after rolling out its ‘sin tax’ on January 1.


An Sa/nt Mega-state Called Coonawarra — What Do You Think?

It might sound crazy, but there are calls to merge South Australia and the Northern Territory into one mega-state. And there’s an equally kooky suggested name for it — Coonawarra.

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