Everyone from Kim Kardashian West to your next-door neighbour is going crazy for the latest juice trend, celery juice. But is it actually as beneficial as everyone claims?


BOTTOMS Up Espresso is planning to open up a new location in California, but the idea appears to have residents hot and bothered — and not in the way the owners likely intended.


You may have heard this phrase before, “There are no good or bad foods — there are only bad diets” and on the whole this is true.


IF YOU thought you were paying too much for a single shot on a night on the town, this woman has outdone us all.


MANY of us know all too well the consequences associated with a big night of drinking. The headache, dry mouth, uneasy stomach and general feeling of self-pity.


A CALIFORNIA man filed a stomach-turning lawsuit against Heineken beer and Kroger supermarket — claiming he sipped suds loaded with dead, canned geckos.


CINDY Crawford said that the secret to her happy 17-year marriage to Rande Gerber was tequila.


BILLIONAIRE James Packer has pumped $10 million into a boutique Sydney liquor company to launch a premium vodka on the world stage with Hollywood legend Robert De Niro.


ONE boss has surprised his employees by handing out bonuses based on who could drink him under the table.


IF the Rolling Stones think it’s good enough to drink, then actor Dan Aykroyd must be on to a winner with his vodka sideline.

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