Coronavirus: Breweries Vow To Stick To Lockdown Rules After Investigation Finds Pubs Flouting Restrictions

The mayor of Greater Manchester says the majority of venues are let down by the minority which are not taking the rules seriously.


Coronavirus: Winemakers Consider Socially-distant Tours To Tempt Back Customers

Ridgeview Wine Estate reveals online sales for the company are up nearly 2,000%. Now it is planning its future.

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Non-alcoholic Beer Sales Help Heineken To Strongest Growth In A Decade

The Dutch brewing giant said it had rolled out its Heineken 0.0 brand to 57 countries as it reported annual results.


British Friends Battle Giant Waves To Win 3,000-mile Atlantic Rowing Race

The next boat is two days behind them but with really bad weather they were not sure they would make it to Antigua.


Sky Views: How John Smith’s Death Changed The Course Of British History

Sky Views: How John Smith's death changed the course of British history


Why Did Fuller’s Sell Its Brewing Arm To Company Known For Bland Beers?

Beer lovers are angry at the sale of the brewing business to a major international company best known for making bland lagers.


Drinkers Warned Of Fake Alcohol Ahead Of New Year’s Eve Celebrations

UK councils have seized counterfeit vodka that could cause vomiting, permanent blindness, and in extreme cases death.


The Winners And Losers From This Summer’s Heatwave

Some companies prospered in the heatwave - combined with the World Cup - but others saw sales and profits wilt.


Some Wetherspoons Run Out Of Draught John Smith’s And Strongbow Cider Amid Co2 Crisis

The chain says a number of its pubs do not currently have John Smith's or Strongbow cider because of the carbon dioxide shortage.


9,000 Whiskey Barrels Crash To Ground In Warehouse Collapse In Kentucky

Pictures from the scene show the barrels lying on a big heap at the Barton 1792 Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky.

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