Healthier Wine? Fortification With White Rose Petal Extract Increases Polyphenol Content

Wine fortified with white rose petal extract (WRE) can provide added health benefits due to its higher antioxidant and polyphenol content, a Korean study has found.


Yakult Danone Plans India Expansion As Probiotics Awareness Grows

Yakult Danone India is to increase manufacturing capacity at its Sonepat facility to meet rising demand for its probiotic drinks.


Kefir The Key Ingredient For A Dairy-based Sports Drink That Cancer Survivors Can Stomach

Kefir could be a beneficial dairy-based sports nutrition ingredient for cancer survivors who may be wary of trying products containing milk due to concerns about stomach upsets.


Probiotic Beer Created At Singapore University Has ‘commercial Potential’

Researchers in Singapore who have created a probiotic beer are on the lookout for industry partners to launch the product to consumers.


Alleviating China?s Pollution Anxiety: Anagenix?s Lung-boosting Ingredient Set For Beverage Launch

New Zealand supplier Anagenix has said the first finished product featuring its lung-enhancing BerryQi ingredient will be launched in China in the next few months.


Heart Health And Weight Management: Which Fruit Juices Offer The Most Benefits?

The types of fruit juices that appear to offer the most help in tackling cardiovascular disease and aiding weight management have been highlighted in a new academic review.


Functional Beverages In Asia: Start-ups Need To ‘redress The Health Balance’

Functional beverage start-ups in Asia should not get fixated on making and securing official health and efficacy claims before launching, and could look instead to ?wrap up? products alongside more ho


Energy Drink ‘risk’ Revealed For Teenagers With Genetic Heart Disease

Caffeinated energy drinks can trigger serious cardiac events in young people with a genetic heart disease, Australian researchers claim.


Blues-busters: Study Shows Blueberry Juice Antioxidants Ease Stress

A blueberry drink a day can help keep stress away, suggests a study which found blueberry?s antioxidant power improved the cognitive performance of adult rats exposed to stress.


Tea Drinking Slashes The Risk Of Cognitive Decline And Alzheimer’s Disease: Singapore Population-based Analysis

Tea consumption halves the risk of cognitive impairment for people 55 years old and above, and also dramatically reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease among those at greater genetic risk.

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