If you’re offered a pour of non-alcoholic wine you might figure that you’ll just be drinking grape juice. But no. NA Pinot Noir, Prosecco and the like start out like regular vintages — as boozy as your favorite drunk uncle.


Soon-to-be divorceé Drew Barrymore is choosing wine over whine.


Tired of the same old cocktails? Urine luck.


New figures have been released on global wine consumption habits, revealing that the U.S. is the biggest market in terms of total volume, while Italians drink the most vino per person.


Would you like some jerky with that wine?


The world’s best grapes are poured in the Big Apple.


You could call it the adults-only version of old-fashioned milkman service: a same-day wine delivery for tipplers.


Grape expectations: The secret stash of spirits, champagnes and wines date back a century, collected by the owner of Evesham Hotel during his travels across four decades.


Professor David Nutt of Imperial College London says his research team has developed a drug that targets the brain’s neurotransmitters to mimic the effects of drinking without the risk of addiction or other negative effects.


If her erotic scenes of bondage and sadomasochism weren’t enough to get you in the mood, the author of “Fifty Shades of Grey” has launched a new collection of wines named after her runaway best-sellers to set the tone.

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