How to make citrus and chilli marinated olives

With winter creeping in closer and closer, it’s a great time for red wine and snacks by the fire and what better snack to pair with your wine…yip you guessed it, olives of course!


Olive Oil, Red Wine and Rosemary Cookies

Using olive oil when baking deserts makes a good substitute for butter as it’s packed with antioxidants, making your sweet treats “healthier”, or at least making you feel slightly less guilty when indulging.


Biltong, Salted Almond and Honey Nougat with Dried Olives

We spotted this recipe featuring olives in the September issue of Food & Home. It looks amazing so we had to share it with you.


8 Tips For Infusing Olive Oil

Looking for DIY gift ideas to give to your family and friends this Christmas? 


How to taste olive oil

Tasting olive oil is a great way to understand the full sensory experience that comes with good quality extra virgin olive oil.


You can`t go wrong with this Martini recipe

Many cocktails which are served in martini glasses are referred to as martinis these days. However, most of them are vodka based and very far from the original martini which only has 2 ingredients: Gin and vermouth.


Tips on curing your own olives

Whether you grow your own olives or buy some from one of the local farms, they will be hard and bitter.


South Africa home to a variety of olive cultivars

Olives and olive oils are fast becoming a staple of South African dinner tables and kitchens but, as with most culinary treats, all things are not as equal as they seem.

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Experience the Franschhoek Olive Route

Franschhoek is famous for its wine route, but many of the wine farms also produce olives and olive oil.


How to eat olives with pips

The title of this article should actually read ‘How To Eat Olives With Pits’ because pit is the correct term, not pip. Olives with the pits removed are called ‘pitted olives’.

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