Konteki ?tears Of Dawn? Sake

The sweet flavors will provide a soothing counter-point to blackened grouper. Highly Recommended. 90 points.


Tōzai ?living Jewel? Sake

A complex sake with a multilayered palate. Drink with crab cakes. Recommended. 89 points.


The Royal Wedding: What Better Time For An Update On English Sparkling Wine?

Sparkling wine has continued to out-effervesce just about any other sparkling wine in the short two years since our last English Sparkling Wine report (below). Everything we said before is true, on…


Dos Almas Famiglia Zonin Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc

Tropical fruits give way to citrus and herbal in this fish-friendly white.


Blackadder ?a Drop Of The Irish? Single Malt Irish Whiskey

First sentence summary with conclusion and points.


2017 Coste A Preola Grillo Biologico Sicilia Igt

With vineyards located inside a World Wildlife Preserve in Sicily, Gorghi Tondi’s owners are focused on sustainable and organic agriculture. Even the ?cork? is 100% recyclable: Nomacorc…


Tōzai ?snow Maiden? Sake

The flow from sweet to sharp is fascinating. It pairs well with anything made with wasabi, or more likely, horseradish.


Barefoot Pinot Noir

by Becky Sue Epstein A wine for pizza and brownies. Really. When you go in to pick up an upscale pizza and spy those giant cookies and brownies stacked on the counter right next to the cash registe…

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(re)discovering Sagrantino

It?s much better for Elisabetta the second time around.


Zolo Malbec

The palate shows black cherry, blueberry, and humus. This is a burger wine, preferably one with sauteed onions and brie. Recommended. 86 points.

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