A Walking Wine Encyclopedia — Inside The Head Of Joel Aiken

My two final pre-COVID-19 restaurant meals, a lunch and dinner on the same day, were shared with Joel Aiken. He was in Los Angeles several weeks ago, meeting with wine media.


Great Wine Delivery Options And Special Pandemic Deals — Drink Well And Support An Industry Struggling With Coronavirus Realities

The wine industry is no exception to the coronavirus struggles. Tasting rooms across the nation have closed, cutting off valuable income.


This Spanish Winemaker’s California Cabernet Sauvignon Is Definitely Worthy — The Magical History (and Future) Of Ehlers Estate

I spent a morning at Ehlers Estate and my appreciation of the winery and its history, people and vintages was dramatically enhanced by a visit.


The Chemist Of Wine — This Grapes Guru Treats No Block Of Fruit The Same

Theresa Heredia, who has been at Gary Farrell since 2012, has a bachelor's in biochemistry and a Ph.D. in chemistry. This is no ordinary wine guru.


Former Disney Studios Head Makes His Own Wine Fairytale Come True

There are many ways to organize a tasting of wines. Obscure the labels if you are going for a blind tasting, pour for your panel and discuss.


36 Hours In Napa Valley ? Restaurants, Wine Stops And Coffee Shops You Need To Know

Napa, the world famous wine growing region, synonymous with all-day wine tasting, evokes quite a sense of anticipation. On a recent first time visit to the valley, I found myself with a day and a half


7 Best Ways To Celebrate National Tequila Day In Dallas

National Tequila Day is today (Wednesday, July 24). As Dallasites, we're pretty knowledgable about our favorite places to grab a margarita.


Ambitious Heights Bar Puts Chefs First ? And The Result Is Food To Remember

The place looks fabulous. The bar is welcoming, the main dining room comfortable and casual, and the tasting room (as I will call it) draws one to it alluringly, promising good conversation and food a


What You Should Be Drinking ? This California Cabernet Brings A Soft Touch

Wines from the Loire Valley occupy a significant place in my life, stemming from the first journey I made through the region. This is a wine paradise.


Worthy Family Wines — Making The Harvests Count At A California Estate

The people at Frank Family Vineyards have been through a good number of harvests — number 25 is this year — and the winery's development in that time has been one marked by a thoughtful approach t

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