A new Paste series that gives us an excuse to comb through our liquor cabinet, starting with E.H. Taylor and others.


These are classic Islay single malts, balancing delicate peat smoke with warm, fruity, honeyed sweetness.

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It's a story of toxic masculinity and deluded middle-aged men, surrounded on all sides by incompetence.


Wild Turkey truly hits a home run with this extra-aged Russell's, an immaculately delicious and complex whiskey.

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Getting great value for your dollar can be more difficult in the world of single malt scotch than it is with bourbon, but here are some excellent bottles under $50.


Glenmorangie's latest is a cheaper, sweeter, non-age-stated single malt that the distillery says is "made for mixing."


A new, year-round, extra-aged rum from Jamaica's Appleton Estate, showcasing great blending expertise.


The famously brash, smoky malt of Laphroaig meets the darkly seductive sweetness of Oloroso sherry casks.


It's the latest in the long line of negative headlines that BrewDog has managed to attract over the years.


Here to answer that most useful of questions: What are the absolute best bourbons you can expect to be able to buy for less than $60?

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