5 Fun Facts about Mulled Wine

It remains unclear who proclaimed 3 March Mulled Wine Day, but this hot beverage deserves to be celebrated for its global popularity.


Wining and Dining

Hello. I have been very quiet all summer and there is a reason why. For some time an idea for a new book on food and wine has been buzzing about in my head and I thought it was about time I R


Making waves

Some friends came round for dinner on Tuesday and I very proudly showed them my new roof terrace. “HOT TUB!” shouted the one who sells fine wine. No, I don’t have one, but I think he


New balls, please

It’s taken years but I’ve finally remembered not to book any work trips over Wimbledon fortnight. No more standing in a cellar in some miles-away part of Spain trying to get reception to c


Heatwave! Summer wines

(To those looking for it, and those not, keep reading for the *extra summer wines list*) I’ve been in Bordeaux all week. Again. But for the first time in many, many visits, I’ve been stayi


Postcard from sunny London

It’s been a super-busy three weeks of tastings (150 wines a day jobs, and no, I don’t settle down to a glass of wine at the end of a day like that – my mouth feels as if itR


Camping it up

Yesterday evening I clicked on an unusual wine query from a man whose email out of office reads, “Sorry – I’m in the woods.” I know Alastair Humphreys from way back (t


Flower power

  My brother phoned up the other day to ask what I thought of a house he had his eye on. After a bit of questioning… [Category: Uncategorized]


Istrian malvasia: that holiday feeling

Gerzinic Istrian Malvasia 2013 Croatia (12.5%, M&S, £8 down from £10 until the end of today – Monday 27th April) It took weeks to get hold… [Category: Uncategorized]


Win! Win! Win! Dried limes (yes, really)

I’ve had a few queries about the dried limes – literally, just whole limes left in the sun until they dry – I used for my… [Category: Uncategorized]

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