Why Do I Get Congested When I Drink Alcohol?

Every time I enjoy a cold hard cider, I feel nauseated. Not immediately—first comes the congestion. Then I feel woozy. Then, hours later, my stomach churns. I wanted to figure out what was happening


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Soon You Can Drink Beer Brewed With Space Yeast

On April 13, at a few select places around the country, you’ll be able to take a swig of space. Ninkasi Brewing Company in Oregon is releasing Ground Control, an imperial stout brewed with yeast that travelled (very briefly) to space last year.


Does A Wine`s Terroir Really Matter?

A new study identified wines made in two different vineyards, two kilometers apart, by their chemistry alone.


Drink Up! Red Wine Can Counteract the Negative Aftereffects of Space Travel

Good news for oenophiles: Wine can offset the negative effects of weightlessness.


Beer Brewed For Drinking in Space

With the announcement that Boeing plans to take tourists into space in five years, it was really only a matter of time before somebody started thinking about refreshments.

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