Despite the boom in craft drinks, not everyone interested in producing their own booze has enough space—or resources—do so.


For its “Piss to Pilsner” initiative, the Roskilde music festival plans to recycle concert-goers’ urine and use it to fertilize malting barley.


Mavericks Brewing company is aiding the dangerously dry conditions in Cali by making one of its signature lines with purified water.


What do you think the oldest alcoholic beverage is made from? Grapes? Grains? Rice?


Sustainable, rideable, and beautiful, the handcrafted 100% Agave Project from Gary Linden and Jose Cuervo makes surfing a truly organic experience.


A new drink is rising up in the bars of LA, Tequila Espresso. Served over ice and in a rocks glass, it’s an interesting alternative for anyone looking for the simultaneous caffeine and alcohol buzz.


Here to make boozy get-togethers even more interesting, the WUD barware collection from David Rasmussen Furniture Design eschews the usual glass design for a different material: wood.


Kiss your coffee sleeves goodbye thanks to intuitive Grip Cup


Berlin artist Julian Lechner has turned used coffee beans into usable “coffee-ware”


The unstainable White Shirt’s nanotechnology ensures your wardrobe is protected against water or oil-based liquids.

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