Amy Poehler’s New Gig? Wine Store Owner

Amy Poehler has opened a wine store in Park Slope, and our inner Leslie Knope is freaking out.


Toast The Final “game Of Thrones” Season With Themed Whiskey

HBO is bringing us the whiskey we need to enjoy the final season of "Game of Thrones." Your favorite houses have their own scotch — even the dead ones!


Priyanka Chopra’s Makeup Artist Is Spilling All Her Secrets — & They’re Good

Celeb makeup artist Pati Dubroff is sharing her favorite skin care tricks, bridal beauty suggestions, and more.


Why Tequila Will Flow More Freely Than Champagne At Princess Eugenie’s Wedding

The Queen may not be seen doing shots of tequila at Princess Eugenie's upcoming wedding, but it's likely that other guests will. Here's why.


Best Williamsburg Bars To Drink Day & Night In Brooklyn

There are a million bars in Williamsburg, but we’ve narrowed down the best places to imbibe in this Brooklyn 'hood. One of them even allows dogs!


Aperol Spritz Is The Trendy Summer Drink You Can’t Mess Up

Why you'll never get sick of this summer's hottest cocktail.


We Tried Trader Joe’s Best-selling Bottles Of Rosé — & Here’s Our Favorite

This summer's best-selling rosés at Trader Joe's range from $4 to $10 — and we sipped them all in order to the find the highest quality bottle.


Thanks To Millennials, Rosé Is Here To Stay

“Frivolous and fun.” That’s how one French wine aficionado described rosé (while swirling and sniffing a $40 glass of merlot, probably).


Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski Has A Very Controversial Go-to Snack

Antoni Porowski is a "cheese freak" and he doesn't care who knows it.


How to drink like Meghan Markle

We may not actually be able to toast with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at their upcoming wedding, but that won’t stop us from celebrating and drinking like royals while we watch from the comfort of our couches.

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