France?s Mirazur Tops World?s 50 Best Restaurants At Singapore Awards Event, With Noma In Copenhagen And Asador Extebarri In Spain Also Winning Big

This is the first time in the international awards event?s 18-year history that it has been held in Asia.


Best Char Siu, Top Dim Sum, Comforting Noodles: Hong Kong Personal Trainer?s Fave Food Spots

Hong Kong personal trainer Ryan Tan reveals where he thinks does the best barbecued pork, his favourite dim sum place, and an Indian restaurant that makes a great date nightspot.


Jason Licker: The Celebrity Pastry Chef Who Doesn?t Like Desserts Despite Having A ?massive Sweet Tooth? As A Child

Jason Licker, who won the 2014 Iron Chef Thailand pastry edition, reveals why he quit eating desserts despite having a ?massive sweet tooth?.


Creative Asian Cuisine At London?s Pub Pop-ups Prove A Hit With British Boozers

Pub pop-ups, where pubs invite chefs to cook for short stints in their kitchens, are taking off in Britain?s capital, with Asian food proving particularly popular among the city?s boozers ? and the ch


Mamee Monster Noodles? Story ? The Malaysian Childhood Snack That Was No Instant Success

For 45 years, Mamee noodles have remained close to the hearts of countless Malaysians, instantly bringing back fond childhood memories. The idea to create a dry noodle snack came off the back of a tri


100 Years Of The Negroni, Bittersweet Italian Aperitif That?s Having A Moment As Sweeter Drinks Fall From Favour

The classic cocktail, said to have been invented in Florence in 1919, is a simple mix of gin, vermouth and Campari in equal parts. Hong Kong bars are marking Negroni Week with special deals, meals and


Japanese Fusion Food To Die For In Hong Kong At Ex-nobu Chef?s Silencio In Central

Silencio got off to a bad start ? ?A confirmation email doesn?t mean there?s a table for you? ? but the quality of the food shone through from the first bite.


Two Unusual Pork Neck Recipes: Grilled Is Not The Only Way To Cook This Versatile Cut

An underrated cut of meat gets the star treatment in two dishes ? Thai crispy pork neck and tonkatsu.


Scandinavia, Where Even The Fast Food Is Slow, And Respect For Ingredients Is Paramount

From one of the world?s best burger stands to some of the world?s best restaurants, Sweden and Denmark offer visiting foodies some impressive choices; vegetables and plant-based meat alternatives are


Unpretentious, Hearty … And A Bit Pricey: Louise At Pmq ? First Impressions Of Odette Chef?s Hong Kong Restaurant

French restaurant at PMQ is intended to evoke the joy of family meals chef Julien Royer, of Odette in Singapore, enjoyed growing up in France; dishes inspired by his rustic upbringing share the menu w

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