Why Processed Food Makes People Fat: Calorie Density And Taste

In a diet face-off between ultra-processed versus minimally processed food, those who ate the former consumed 500 more calories per day. Researchers suggest it has a lot to do with how people decide h


Sustainable Dining: Hong Kong Restaurants That Source Food Locally, Cut Waste, Recycle And Compost

In a place where 90 per cent of food is imported, these chefs go out of their way to source food locally, reduce kitchen waste and turn what can?t be used into compost, and recycle to make their resta


How To Make Sichuan Cold Noodles ? A Protein-rich Vegetarian Dish That?s Easy To Prepare

Herbivores and carnivores alike will love this meat-free dish, which eschews the usual shredded chicken and uses tofu and edamame.


How London Is Falling For Chinese Roast Meats: Duck, Pork Belly And Char Siu Move Beyond Chinatown

Cantonese roast meats, known as siu mei, are gaining popularity in the British capital, spreading from Chinatown. We talk to restaurateurs and roasting masters about the complex techniques.


A Love Letter To Indonesian Food ? Recipes From Home Cooks, Street Stalls, A Royal Kitchen In Eleanor Ford?s Book Of ?fire Islands? Cuisine

Eleanor Ford, London-based author, talks about discovering the breadth of Asian cuisine in Hong Kong, returning to Indonesia where she grew up, and the fear of being accused of cultural appropriation.


Instagram Eating Disorder ?recovery Accounts? Offer Support ? But Shouldn?t Replace Professional Help, Experts Say

Social media is often blamed for fuelling some eating disorders, but it has also helped people who are recovering. While this is a good thing, experts caution it should not replace professional treatm


Wine Vs Climate Change: How Global Warming Is Affecting The Grapes Vineyards Grow

Warmer weather has already had an impact on the flavour profile of popular wines, such as New Zealand?s Marlborough sauvignon blanc.


Artificial Flavouring: How Ai Is Disrupting Food Industry By Harnessing Data For New Product Development

Oysters and kiwi fruit ? not an obvious food pairing, but the product of an algorithm and now a fixture on the menu of a restaurant in Belgium; it?s an example of data-driven innovation to improve nut


Bean Curd Sushi, Bento Boxes And Rice Balls For Less Than Us$7 At Hungry Dino In Causeway Bay

Small, bright and cheerful shop serves inexpensive salmon, shrimp, scallop and truffle sushi and bento boxes. The food comes in sets that include miso soup or tea and is mostly sold to take away, alth


Vegan Block Party: Plant-based Pizzas And Hip Hop In Sai Ying Pun ? Carnivores Welcome

With Hong Kong going nuts for her vegan fare, Mayse Artisan Bakery founder brings meat-free fast food to the masses. ?It?s for anyone who likes good food and music with friends?.

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