Mannkind’s Ceo Castagna Is Failing To Deliver

Marketing Afrezza is a costly endeavor with expenses greatly exceeding revenue. CEO Castagna has mentioned epinephrine and other pipeline molecules several time


Mannkind’s Ceo Castagna Squanders An Opportunity To End Share Price Erosion

During the JMP conference, CEO Castagna discussed at length inhalable insulin Afrezza's attributes while providing virtually no concrete pipeline guidance. Mana


Sam Adams Lands A Big One In Dogfish Head

The Boston Beer Company recently announced a merger with the Dogfish Head Brewery. This move will benefit both brands and eventually, the stock price. Craft bre


Constellation Brands Earnings Preview: The Fundamentals Look Much Better Than The Chart

Constellation Brands is set to release fiscal Q4 earnings results on Thursday morning. The company has been able to grow earnings and sales at a solid rate in r


Reviewing Constellation Brands Growth Potential

Reviewing Constellation Brands and its growth potential as it gets ready to report earnings in early-April. Covering its marijuana upside after buying a large s


Pepsico: Changing My Entry Price For 2019

FY-2018 estimates of $5.65/share compare is an 8% increase over 2017 core earnings of $5.23/share. After 2018's major dividend increase of 13.26%, I would expec


Nestle S.a. Is Not Considered An Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock Today

Nestle S.A. is trading at a P/E ratio in line with the broader market and two industry peers. Its dividend yield is ~3% and has a dividend payout ratio of ~60%.


Coca-cola: A Look At Analysts’ Corner Share Price Rating

Coca-Cola share price has grown over the last six years, but its growth has significantly lagged the S&P 500. No matter how good a company, the share price can


Coca-cola: A Great Blue Chip

Return on equity is steadily increasing this year. Reasons for improvement include the transformed Coca-Cola Company emerging from the multi-billion dollar and


How Safe Is Pepsico’s Dividend?

PepsiCo has one of the highest dividend yields among the Dividend Aristocrats Index, which gives it an appealing mix of dividend yield and dividend growth. Howe

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