You Need To See This Video Of Rebel Wilson Doing Arm Workouts With A Big Bottle Of Vodka

It's probably the best workout tutorial you'll ever watch.


Vanilla Almond Breeze Recalled For Possibly Containing Actual Milk

Your Almond Breeze Might Contain Actual Milk


How To Meal Prep Like An Olympian

These meal-prep tips are worthy of a gold medal.


The Ombré Charcoal Cocktail Perfect For Celebrating The Solar Eclipse

This tequila concoction gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "black out".


New Coke Plus Diet Soda Claims to Do Wonders for Your Health

Can a soft drink really improve your heart and gut health, reduce body fat, and keep you full and satisfied? Probably not.


Pass the Merlot please! 2 Glasses of Wine Before Bed Helps You Lose Weight

Good news for anyone that prefers Cabernet over cardio: Drinking two glasses of wine before bed could actually be the magic pill that helps you lose weight, according to two recent studies from Washington State University and Harvard Medical School.


Vitamin Vodka Might Spare You the Hangover

First, scientists engineered hangover-free wine for all the malbec-loving, headache-hating folks out there.


Drinking Beer Could Cut Heart Attack Risk by 30 Percent

Raise your glass if you want a healthy heart! Drinking beer may be good for your cardiovascular health, according to a frothy new Swedish studyon the health benefits of beer that will make you want to crack open a cold one.


Why Your Brain Always Says Yes to a Second Drink

“Just one drink” is a hopeful promise-turned-lie we’ve all uttered one too many times in our lives. But now, researchers from Texas A&M University have figured out the reason it’s so hard to cut yourself off after one pint or one glass of vino: our brains are actually wired to reach for another.


A daily glass of red wine benefits your brain age

Here’s news worth toasting to: Drinking a glass of red wine every day can help keep your brain healthy down the road for as many as seven and a half extra years, reports a new study in Alzheimer’s & Dementia.

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