Quenching a hard earned thirst with a big cold beer just got better for you – thanks to the work of some clever Queensland scientists.


Spirits. They sound kind of mystical, don’t they? Certainly in medieval times the art of distilling was known to only alchemists and learned monks.


By following these basic festive-season rules, you can bypass the usual evil hangovers and Christmas weight gain.
As a chef I remember the lavish cocktail and Christmas parties we used to cater to daily in December.


Humans, perhaps Westerners in particular, tend to share a certain creed that goes something like this: If one is good, two are better.


If one Austrian’s quirky idea catches on, wine tastings could soon sound like this: Is that some Mozart in my glass? A hint of Haydn, maybe?


The John Walker is rich in many of the ways that count in the world of whisky – at least in some circles – colour, taste and price tag.


The right varieties in the right regions help the Kiwis stay a step ahead.

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