Did Starbucks Employee Add The Word “pig” To Police Officer’s Order?

A Starbucks in Glenpool, Oklahoma, become the center of controversy in late 2019.


Will Covering An Egg In Coca-cola, Pepsi For 24 Hours Dissolve Shell?

This eggcellent eggsperiment has clearly been eggsagerated.

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Fact Check: Did Smirnoff Troll President Trump In A Vodka Advertisement?

A genuine advertisement for Smirnoff vodka used the tagline "Made in America but we'd be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under oath."


Fact Check: Did Heineken Advertise Beer To Babies?

Nearly every company wants to capture potential customers as early as possible, but how far will they go?


Fact Check: Did Pepsi ‘admit’ Their Sodas Contain Cancer-causing Ingredients

Viral stories rehash a legal tussle between Pepsi and the Center for Environmental Health, but they mischaracterize that battle’s outcome.


Fact Check: Did Budweiser Pull Advertising From The Nfl Over National Anthem Protests?

A rumor holding that the brewing company had "pulled out of the NFL" over "take a knee" protests against inequality was baseless.


Fact Check: Does Eating Gin-soaked Raisins Help Relieve Arthritis Pain?

The list of arthritis curatives and remedies people have tried is lengthy.

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