Is Starbucks Opening A Roasting Facility In China?

The announcement that Starbucks is expanding its brand in Asia proved meme-worthy.


‘real Doctor’ Promoting Tonic Water For Covid-19 Spreads Bad Info

A chiropractor's screed against "fake news" and his advocacy for the curative properties of Schweppes tonic water contain large amounts of dangerous misinformation.


Did Starbucks Employee Add The Word “pig” To Police Officer’s Order?

A Starbucks in Glenpool, Oklahoma, become the center of controversy in late 2019.


Will Covering An Egg In Coca-cola, Pepsi For 24 Hours Dissolve Shell?

This eggcellent eggsperiment has clearly been eggsagerated.


Fact Check: Did Smirnoff Troll President Trump In A Vodka Advertisement?

A genuine advertisement for Smirnoff vodka used the tagline "Made in America but we'd be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under oath."


Fact Check: Did Heineken Advertise Beer To Babies?

Nearly every company wants to capture potential customers as early as possible, but how far will they go?


Fact Check: Did Pepsi ‘admit’ Their Sodas Contain Cancer-causing Ingredients

Viral stories rehash a legal tussle between Pepsi and the Center for Environmental Health, but they mischaracterize that battleā€™s outcome.


Fact Check: Did Budweiser Pull Advertising From The Nfl Over National Anthem Protests?

A rumor holding that the brewing company had "pulled out of the NFL" over "take a knee" protests against inequality was baseless.


Fact Check: Does Eating Gin-soaked Raisins Help Relieve Arthritis Pain?

The list of arthritis curatives and remedies people have tried is lengthy.

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