most Valuable Liquor Brand, Upstaged By Chinese Razor Blades

Johnny Walker Upstaged  Being that we here at the Southern Drinking Club try to keep abreast of all news related to alcohol and its consumption, we were shocked to recently learn that a Chinese firm


Drink Recipes

 This one comes to us from Club Member Jessica.  With a lounge chair on the deck calling her name, she knew she needed something special.  This sweet and spicy drink was the perfect on for a sunny

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Southern Drinking Club’s Drink Of The Day

Looking for a drink to with a little bit of kick?  The Moscow Mule has plenty and surprisingly its from the ginger beer and not the Vodka!


Abv Legal Limits, Beer-drinking Moose, Non-drinking Fish, And Other Weird Booze Laws

Club members sit down with high ABV beers on the back porch and consider ABV legal limits of beer for different states.  This leading down the rabbit hole and finding out about beer-drinking moos


Hurricane Drinking Survival Guide

       It’s that time of year for us in the Southern Gulf Coast, hurricane season.  Weathermen with records worse than the Cleveland Browns predict storms and show us maps of wiggly lin

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