Kickstarter: Unocup Kicks Plastic Lids Out Of The Fold

The new paper cup with foldable lid is on Kickstarter now.


These Coffee Scoops Are Made Out Of Wood From Coffee Trees

You can now measure your coffee with coffee, thanks to de Palo Products, who produced delightful scoops made from the wood of Honduran coffee trees.


Now On Kickstarter: The April Pour-over, From 2019 World Brewers Cup Runner-up

The April Pour-Over by April Coffee Roasters is available on Kickstarter now.


Higher Grounds, A Comedy Film About The World Barista Championship, Is Definitely Real

It's real. It's really real.


Learn From The Best At Pro Tips: A Guide To The Us Coffee Championships

The virtual Q&A takes places at 12 Counter Culture training labs nationwide on November 21st.


This New Barista Competition Movie Can?t Possibly Be Real…can It?

The cast is said to include Kate Nash, Toby Sebastian, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Hugh Dennis, Jenny Rainsford, and VEEP's Sally Phillips.


Just When You Thought Coffee Couldn’t Get Any Cooler, Now You Can Vape It

If you’re like me, you often find yourself in between  a coffee shop a half block this way and another other coffee shop half a block in the other direction thinking, “why can’t there be a more convenient way to get coffee?”


Bow Down Before The New Ember Temperature Controlled Mugs

I guess maybe it's good? I don't even know anymore.


Late Night Coffee Has No Effect On Sleep Quality, New Study Finds

Sleep may be the cousin of death, but it’s more like that cool cousin that would buy you beer when you were underage, not like that other very uncool cousin that would tell on your for drinking beer when you were underage. Sleep is cool is all I’m saying.


Kickstart Your Weekend With These Coffee Crowdfunders

Three coffee Kickstarters we love.

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