4 Companies with the Best Office Bars

Office culture has changed since the Mad Men era of personal bar carts in every corner office. Mainly, things have gotten more egalitarian and far less Martini-soaked.


The 8 Best Rum Cocktails For Winter

Rum is an indoor cocktail, too.


The Dos And Don’ts Of Drinking Like Hemingway

Proceed at your own risk.


The Strongest Gin In The World Will Melt Your Face

Smögen, a Swedish distillery, has created a London Dry gin that’s 165 proof called Strane Ultra Uncut. That’s 82.5 percent ABV, or 12.5 percent higher than many rubbing alcohols. Except unlike rubbing alcohol, you’re supposed to drink Ultra Uncut.


Pitbull Opens Mojito Bar in Miami

Pitbull knows how to party, and now Mr. Worldwide is taking the party to the people. This summer, Pitbull is opening a restaurant and nightlife spot called iLov305 in Miami Beach with more than 100 cocktails on the menu—more than 50 of which are Mojitos.


The Top Cocktail Trends Of 2018, According To Bartenders

Get excited. Thanks to the craziness that was 2017, forecasting what 2018 holds for us in terms of drinking is a particularly tough job. After all, cocktail meccas like Los Angeles could sink into


Häagen-dazs Is Making Boozy Ice Cream

Whiskey Chocolate Truffle anyone?


The 3 Best Nightcaps to Drink Before Bed

Sometimes the only way to unwind from an exhausting day of work is by sipping yourself to sleep with a cocktail in hand. A drink before bed calms the nerves, relaxes the body and takes your mind off the stresses of the day.


Gin and Tonics Are the Secret to a Long Life, Says 100-Year-Old Woman

Forget superfoods and exercise, the secret to long life can be found in a cocktail. At least, that’s what Mabel Jackson believes.

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